Issue #6 Page #9

September 30, 2019
Issue #6 Page #9
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dougwarner59 October 9, 2019
do you do this comic the traditional way or to you add those effects to make it appear you do?
Eric Barie October 11, 2019
Eric Barie
I pencil then ink with a brush and letter and color in Photoshop. All the textures are also done on Photoshop.
Destiny Books October 16, 2019
Wow! You've gone a bit Stan Lee with the narration on this page - 'nuff said!
Eric Barie October 24, 2019
Eric Barie
Yeah, I wanted to really try writing something for a change. Plus it was two fold. I wanted to expand my writing and I wanted to hide some flaws in the art. Thanks for looking.
Destiny Books October 24, 2019
Flaws in the art!? I think you are being a bit hard on yourself there, the art is a continual joy in this webcomic!
Eric Barie October 28, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks. I appreciate that. I am my harshest critic. I never stop trying to improve.