Issue #1 Page 7

May 31, 2015
Issue #1 Page 7
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Garthvader76 June 7, 2015
It's so cool and great job making it look like a comic page.
Eric Barie June 8, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks for the kind words. I really like what you have going on over at your web comic.
Robert Ammons April 13, 2016
Hey, I really enjoyed your comic so far. I think you have done a fine job replicating the look and feel. I remember the books from my childhood, Conan and all those guys. Ernie Chan is a big hero of mine.
Eric Barie April 26, 2016
Eric Barie
Sorry for the late reply. Work has taken me away from updates. I appreciate you checking out my comic and the kind words.
malford February 21, 2018
Very nice!
Eric Barie February 24, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks I appreciate that.
Merman83 March 31, 2018
So, wait... these are not scanned pages??? Have you seriously created virtual art to look like something you've just had lying around and decided to post? If so, wow. Your art style rocks, BTW! I grew up reading silver/bronze age comics, too.
Eric Barie April 3, 2018
Eric Barie
No these are traditional pen and ink. I scanned and colored in photoshop.
Merman83 April 6, 2018
I see. Great combo! And with the color palette you chose it shows a real dedication to the traditional comic book experience. I guess being a graphics designer you're not as enticed by all the Photoshop bells and whistles I'd be! I use Manga Studio 5 but its not unlike Photoshop.
Eric Barie April 22, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks. I tried to keep the color palette simple. Being that I do all the art chores myself I need to keep things easy for me. I do enough bells and whistle design at work.