Issue #6 Page #7

August 19, 2019
Issue #6 Page #7
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Destiny Books August 22, 2019
Don't get me started on Seagulls, I'm surrounded by the blimin' things! Not sure what's worse Sharkmen or Seagulls!
Eric Barie September 2, 2019
Eric Barie
I live in central florida, so we do not have as many as say the coast does. They can be pretty annoying.
morningbee4 September 9, 2019
I really like the way the view starts to gently zoom us out of the carnage in order to reveal the real villain: the perpetual apathy of an endless ocean
Eric Barie September 9, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks. I was trying to capture that vastness and isolation of the ocean as I pulled the camera back.
Merman83 October 2, 2019
Sharkman leaves a lot of food on his plate.
Eric Barie October 11, 2019
Eric Barie
Its eyes were bigger then its stomach.