Issue #6 Page #5

June 24, 2019
Issue #6 Page #5
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dougwarner59 June 24, 2019
I love how you make your frames and characters extend outside of the boarders. I should try that sometimes because makes the story flow better.
Eric Barie June 27, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks for the compliment. My work is so powerful that no border panel can contain it.

I will be honest sometimes it is by accident that I beak border panels. I have a tendency to draw to big at times and just break the panel. It seems to work.
morningbee4 June 26, 2019
Awesome page! Lots of bloody goodness and an impressive manshark if I may add. Just make sure to replace the word “stair” with “stare” once this baby goes into the printers! 😁
Eric Barie June 27, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks morningbee for the love. Thank you for pointing out that mistake. That is why books have editors to catch things like that. Funny, no matter how many times i read and rewrote this page that still got by me.
Destiny Books July 4, 2019
Wow!" This sharkman has been down the gym!
Eric Barie July 7, 2019
Eric Barie
Sharkman has to get his pump on.
Merman83 October 2, 2019
I like how his dorsal fin is all gnarly, too!
Eric Barie October 11, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks. Looking back I probably should have pushed the gnarly a bit more.