Issue #6 Page #2

May 6, 2019
Issue #6 Page #2
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Destiny Books May 9, 2019
Aww no I hate sharks!
Eric Barie May 9, 2019
Eric Barie
What! How can you hate sharks? Its all good.
Destiny Books May 23, 2019
Traumatized by Jaws as a young child! And even though we don't have sharks in the UK I was always convinced there would be a Great White in my local swimming pool in London (I know quite Irrational!).
Eric Barie May 28, 2019
Eric Barie
Its crazy how that movie still has impacted a generation of people going into the water. I live in Florida so growing up it was more about alligators in ponds, rivers and lakes. And we do get that alligator in a pool from time to time.