Issue #5 Page #16

February 19, 2019
Issue #5 Page #16
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CACKLE.N.COMICS February 19, 2019
interesting end to the comic! Looking forward to more!
Eric Barie March 3, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks Cackle. I hope I can take the story someplace interesting.
Victory-Prime February 20, 2019
WOW! Awesome splash page!
Eric Barie March 3, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks Victory.
Destiny Books February 28, 2019
Great image!
Eric Barie March 3, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks Destiny.
Marcel March 13, 2019
I don't see a way to save and load my place. Is it just me? I've been bookmarking the page when I stop reading. I'm willing to do it because your art is so awesome.
Eric Barie March 14, 2019
Eric Barie
First Marcel, I want to thank you for checking out my work and liking it enough to bookmark. That means a lot to me that people keep coming back and enjoy whatever aspect I am creating.

Second, thank you for pointing that out about the save and load feature. I honestly did not realize I did not have that feature. I will get that fixed as soon as I figure that out.