Issue #5 Page #10

October 21, 2018
Issue #5 Page #10
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StLOrca October 21, 2018
I love how the ducks are all, “Hey, Larry, check the newbie—can’t even land right!”
Eric Barie October 27, 2018
Eric Barie
That would have been a good word balloon to have over the ducks.
Destiny Books October 25, 2018
Is it time for 'DUCK ATTACK!'?
Eric Barie October 27, 2018
Eric Barie
Its their home turf.
Sevensees November 6, 2018
I just came over from your CL ad. I'm glad I did! Great work!
Eric Barie November 11, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks Sevensees. I really appreciate that. Spread the word and tell your friends