Issue #5 Page #8

October 1, 2018
Issue #5 Page #8
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CACKLE.N.COMICS October 9, 2018
The old man smells like bread I guess, lol! THe mutant Bird's weakness maybe!! Coming out nicely! Can't wait for the next page
Eric Barie October 13, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks Cackle. I would like to think the bird associates the food with the old guy as well. Hope the next page will impress.
omeowcomics October 13, 2018
cool oldschool style. I love the old comics printed on newsprint more than I do the new ones printed on glossy paper.
Eric Barie October 13, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks. I really love all comics but I gravitate back to the stuff from the 70's.