Issue #5 Page #7

September 4, 2018
Issue #5 Page #7
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Bear September 4, 2018
You've resized ! (quite some time ago, I now realise, but my 'puter must've reset or something, as even the older smaller ones are easier to see) It's great on my lappie at this size- I can see the 'dotted colouring' on it that so fits its great retro 'silver age' look . It's just so Kirby/Toth/Buscema et al to my old eye, plus their inkers, of course
Eric Barie September 19, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks for the kind words. I admire those guys for sure. I study Buscema quite a bit. I changed the size to see it a little better on the screen. I was told by some it was hard to read at the previous size.