Issue #4 Page #3

April 18, 2017
 Issue #4 Page #3
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IllustratorMan April 19, 2017
The linework on the rubble alone....

You always seem to have a lot of fun churning these gems out.
Eric Barie April 20, 2017
Eric Barie
Thanks Man. I just try to do my best on every page. Some fail some succeed. Its a learning process on each one.

I love to draw and I hope I can capture that love on each page I post.
Destiny Books October 11, 2018
You have a great eye for page layouts! I wish I as bold with my pages!
Eric Barie October 13, 2018
Eric Barie
Thanks Destiny. I try really hard. Sometimes I succeed other times it is just page I can improve next time with.