Front Cover 4

February 28, 2017
Front Cover 4
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Eric Barie February 28, 2017
Eric Barie
I am going to try and make the page uploads a little larger. A few people have commented they are to small. I was trying to keep the page uploads a consistent size.

Thanks to all who check out my work.
Destiny Books March 2, 2017
This is a terrific piece of work! Very evocative of classic Marvel/DC comics and love the worn look to each page. Are you sure you aren’t a time travelling comic book artist?
Eric Barie April 5, 2017
Eric Barie
Sorry for my extreme late reply Destiny. Thank you for your kind words. Just being an artist would be a pretty cool thing to be.
Zombienomicon September 5, 2020
You should definitely look into Ka-Blam and get these up on IndyPlanet as print on demand! Would love to own physical versions!
Eric Barie September 22, 2020
Eric Barie
Thanks Zombieomicon. I have thought about that. I wanted to do some shows this year but the shut down happened. I appreciate you stopping by. Sorry for the late reply.