Issue #1 Page 3

September 14, 2014
Issue #1 Page 3
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Author Notes:

Eric Barie September 16, 2014
Eric Barie
Thanks for the comments. Being compared to Kirby now Larsen, that is a true honor I wish I could truly live up to. They are true legends. I hope to try to keep entertaining one page at a time.


GuyInSpace September 14, 2014
Very good stuff. My browser says I'm the first to subscribe.
anyarmy40k September 14, 2014
This is flippin awesome! I'm actually doing something very similar to this but this is totally above me! Very good backgrounds and use of color and halftones! Keep up the good work!
quetzlsacatanango September 14, 2014
Nice work!
I sense some Erik Larsen in you.
Kyle Willis March 18, 2016
Reminiscent yes, but this guy's got his own style. I'm a fan.
Eric Barie March 24, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks. I definitely have my artistic influences that I am using to try and make my own.