Cover Issue #3

May 14, 2016
Cover Issue #3
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Steven-Vincent May 14, 2016
Love the cover.

Again your art reminds me a lot of Walt Simonson's. That is a huge compliment as I consider him one of my all time favorite artists.
Eric Barie May 15, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks. I consider Mr. Simonson in my top five comic book artist influences. Have to study the greats to get better.
IllustratorMan May 14, 2016
You manage to outdo yourself as you go along. I swear that Joe Staton had to have been an influence for you. Beautiful!
Eric Barie May 15, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks. I honestly try to get better every time I sit down to draw. Sometimes I succeed other times I don't. When others see improvements in my work then I feel like I am going in the right direction

I have never looked at Joe Staton until you mentioned his name before. Found some E-Man comics in a dollar bin recently, so I have been studying his work as well.
Bear May 14, 2016
I see Alex Toth in it too...but maybe that's a bit early for you too youngsters ! B-)
Eric Barie May 15, 2016
Eric Barie
I know of Alex Toth. He is a legend. He is one that any artist should study.