Issue #2 Page #3

December 15, 2015
Issue #2 Page #3
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Author Notes:

Eric Barie December 15, 2015
Eric Barie
New update. I had trouble coming up with believable dialogue for this page. This was one of those pages that I just could not get right. Hope you can at least enjoy the art. Thanks for stopping by.


IllustratorMan December 16, 2015
Damn right I can enjoy the art among other great things about this comic!

You're truly talented.
Eric Barie December 18, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks for the love. I am just trying to get better the more I do this.

By the way I owe you an apology for not checking your stuff out more. You sir are very talented as well. It makes me want to get better. Keep up the good work as well