Issue #1 Page 10

July 19, 2015
Issue #1 Page 10
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IllustratorMan July 21, 2015
The energy in these panels is simply amazing work.
Your style is like Joe Staton on crack! I love it!

This is a hit.
armandoB July 21, 2015
awesome page. Love the colors
Eric Barie July 21, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks. I am really working hard to put out a quality product. I always see something I can improve on. Checked out Jow Staton's work. Wow!!! His stuff is amazing. Thanks for the comparison.

Thanks for the compliment.
Steven-Vincent January 10, 2016
This page looks very 'Walt Simonson-y'. That is meant as a huge compliment, as Simonson is one of my all time favorite artists.
Eric Barie January 12, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks. I appreciate the compliment and the comparison. He is one of my biggest influences in art.
Merman83 March 31, 2018
Hey, Steven-Vincent! I had a Walt Simonson Manhunter when I was a kid and that left an indelible impression on me! You'll see if you check out my strip. He wasn't my fav but just based on that one issue I had, earned a spot in the pantheon of my top 20.
Eric Barie April 3, 2018
Eric Barie
Walt Simonson is in my top 5 for sure. I love the energy he puts into his storytelling.
jowi86 March 13, 2019
Do you do writing, inks and colors yourself? Do you do commissions projects? And if so how much per page?
Eric Barie March 14, 2019
Eric Barie
Thanks jowi86 for checking out my work an liking it. Honestly it means a lot to me that people do.

Yes I do all the work myself.

At this moment I am not doing commission projects. I have been considering it. I just need to free up my schedule.

Again thanks for stopping by.