Issue #1 Page 9

July 5, 2015
Issue #1 Page 9
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Author Notes:

Eric Barie July 5, 2015
Eric Barie
Sorry for the delay with the new page upload. Sometimes a person's day job has to take precedent over one's hobby.


Bonsomme July 5, 2015
This is sensational! Great work!
Eric Barie July 6, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks for the kind words.
IllustratorMan July 21, 2015
This just screams E-Man!
Merman83 March 31, 2018
I loved E-Man, too! I only had a couple of issues as a kid, but sometimes that's all you need! And I agree! Definitely reminiscent, albeit unintentionally.
Eric Barie April 3, 2018
Eric Barie
I had never heard of E-Man until IllustratorMan told me how my work was reminiscent of it. I have since purchased several issues and have become a fan of Joe Staton's work.
Eric Barie July 21, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks. I was not to familiar with E-Man so I did some google searching. It is very cool. I will need to find some issues.
Jack Talk Thai September 14, 2015
Awesome, dynamic, exciting...Great stuff you're doing here.
Eric Barie September 15, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks Jack. I am really trying to do my best and get better with each page I draw.
kelly January 31, 2016
This is so cool !!! Why don't you print a few and take them to a local comic con? ?? People would love this! !!
Eric Barie February 2, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks Kelly. I plan to print some issues. I just need the money to do it.