Cover Issue #1

August 3, 2014
Cover Issue #1
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Author Notes:

Eric Barie August 4, 2014
Eric Barie
Thanks for the comments. This has been something to do just to keep me drawing. I hope to have an update either Friday or every other Friday. I wish I could be as half as good as The King.


IllustratorMan August 3, 2014
If this cover is any indication of things to come, I believe we're all in for a treat!
Bear August 3, 2014
A classic "60s-70s" cover. Eat your heart out Jack Kirby ! B-)
Eben June 16, 2015
If you ever do any animation/video let me know if you need audio post. Nice stuff
Eric Barie June 16, 2015
Eric Barie
I appreciate the offer. Right now I am just trying to make time to get a page done every other week. Thanks for coming by and checking out my work. It is appreciated with every hit I see.
matic December 9, 2015
Hey!!! I just found your work... not sure how, but its very good... Critique- as I'm a writer, the writing in this is a lil bland, but I can see your humor in it, and am interested to see where it goes. You do have great illustrations. I was wondering if I could interview you in my magazine It'd be related to your comic, and we could publish the first cover art in the magazine if you'd like, or whatever you'd like in it. Could even tease the magazine fans with a few pages if ya want to get them hooked, and then have "to read what happens next, check out my website or something like that... let me know.... I'm in central florida too by the way. Cocoa. if ya wanna reach me there.
Eric Barie December 10, 2015
Eric Barie
Thanks for the compliments and writing critique. I will be the first to admit I am not a writer by trade. I hope the more I do write the better I will become.

I would be interested in doing an interview.
Joe Jarin March 24, 2016
Joe Jarin
Wow! Love the retro feel! I'm an instant fan :)
Eric Barie March 24, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks. I have checked your work as well. You have a cool 80's feel to your art.
TDL July 20, 2016
I would love a format that makes it easier to read. If the images scaled to fit the screen that would be great. I needed to scroll to see each page in its entirety.

Otherwise, it looks great! Keep up the good work!
Eric Barie July 25, 2016
Eric Barie
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work.

I apologize for the formatting issue. This was intended to be a print comic and found its way here. I do have to make it better for readability.
Lee Lines February 14, 2017
Lee Lines
Wow! Amazing work! I'm trying for a silver-age look too. You kick my butt!
Eric Barie February 18, 2017
Eric Barie
Thanks Lee Lines. I just keep plugging away to find my style. I tend to gravitate to stuff from the 70's.
IllustratorMan February 25, 2017
I've gotta get this on a tshirt! You're always swinging for the fences, man. Damn.
Eric Barie February 25, 2017
Eric Barie
Thanks Man. I just do what I do and fake my way through.
Vincent January 8, 2018
Hello,I love comics an your work is great,if you ever want to entertain a new orleans side project, I do comedy stand up ,radio e.t.c.,an have always wanted to work with a illustrator on the underground hardcore lifestyle I have lived an talk about in my act sometime ,I have not seen anything like the idea I have in mind,I have plenty of stories an material if have time in future an interested check out YouTube under Wildman vince,an on that's just a few if projects I have done.
Eric Barie January 21, 2018
Eric Barie
Thank you Vincent.
Th@davisguy December 3, 2018
Do you do all your artworks yourself???
Eric Barie December 3, 2018
Eric Barie
Yes I do all the art myself.

Thanks for looking and tell your friends.
Craig January 2, 2019
Keep at it!! YOU GOT IT!!!
Eric Barie January 3, 2019
Eric Barie
Hey Craig,

Thanks for that.
koolie January 16, 2019
good work and would love your work to feature as apart of one or more projects.850)339-8022
ABlackmanart November 22, 2020
Nice cover!
Eric Barie November 23, 2020
Eric Barie
Thank you. That means alot to me to here that. That cover is old so hopefully I have grown as an artist since then.